This page contains games that I have worked on, both commercial and non commercial.

Commercial Games

Far Cry 6


I worked as a Engine Programmer on Far Cry 6.



I worked as the Lead Programmer on PAYDAY 2.

Magnetic: Cage Closed


Magnetic cage closed is a first person puzzle game set in an alternate reality during the cold war. The player must learn to master a Magnet Gun in order to survive in a prison complex filled with deadly traps. The game draws inspiration from the portal games and the cube movies.

I worked as the Lead Programmer on Magnetic: Cage Closed.
Developer: Guru Games
Release date: May 26, 2015
Engine: Unity 3D
Platforms: Windows (Steam) and XBOX One.

Steam: Steam Store page
XBOX One: XBOX One Store page
Homepage: Home page
Facebook: Like Magnetic on facebook!
IndieDB: IndieDB page

Crazy Sorting Factory

Crazy Sorting Factory is a mobile puzzle game for Android and IOS. Your goal is to sort all items into the correct containers. By tapping the screen you can turn pistons on and off to aid you in your task.

I worked as the Lead Programmer on Crazy Sorting Factory.
Crazy Sorting Factory
Crazy Sorting Factory

Developer: Guru Games
Engine: Defold
Android store page: Crazy Sorting Factory – Android
IOS store page: Crazy Sorting Factory – IOS

Non Commercial Games

Give Us The Funk

Give Us The Funk is a platformer created during a 48 hour game jam. It’s written in C++ and uses SFML. We were a team of 7, I worked with programming.

You have to climb the tower of power in order to set the funk free from the hands of the man!

Give Us The Funk!
Give Us The Funk!


Verdammt Strindberg

A top down rougelike created at a 48 hour game jam using C++ and SFML. We were about 5-6 people on the team, I worked on the procedural level generation.

Einstein travels back in time to warn famous Swedish author August Strindberg about World War 2. Strindberg sets out on his journey to save the world from Hitler and his Nazi zombie army.

Verdammte Strindberg
Verdammte Strindberg


Tale Of Kaicho

Tale of Kaicho is a stealth ninja platformer game. The game was developed during 6 week university course during the spring 2012. We were 14 people in total working on the game, programmers, artist, game designers and sound designers. It’s written in C++ using SFML. As a programmer I worked on the collision detection, player functionality, animation system, configuration system and sound implementation.

Tale Of Kaicho
Tale Of Kaicho